Photo Credit: Susan Campbell

Photo Credit: Susan Campbell


Hi, I'm Peri Lyons. I am a "Psychic" or, if you're feeling posh, "Intuitive Counselor." Welcome!

Being psychic (or intuitive), I know your next question. "Peri," (I can psychically hear you thinking) "Why should I, an intelligent, yet skeptical human, consult an Intuitive Counselor?" Hmmm. 

Good question. 

Because I have an unusual (and proven) ability to describe people, places and events in your life that, objectively, I couldn't possibly know anything about. And to answer the next question that has popped in your melon: NO!!! I absolutely never ever Google you, or do a online search on you before your session. Ever!!!!

I tell you what opportunities I see coming up and how to best prepare yourself for success and happiness. That's always useful. I can tell you, accurately, if he/she/it/them love you, are coming back/going away/staying put.

But I also assume you're smart and capable and honest and really kinda great. So we'll be spending time predicting your future, sure... but we'll also help you re-find your best self. Pretty quickly. And we'll quote Jane Austen and laugh a lot.

So here's the deal. I can be bizarrely accurate about what's coming up-and what's happened-in your life. I also believe that free will is huge. Good stuff…I very rarely get "bad" stuff. Either I'm way too positive for that, or my "Spirit Guides" are really chicken.

I am so good that I could probably start a cult somewhere, if I didn't have a sense of humor and a really pesky conscience. Oh well. A psychic with a conscience is always an accurate psychic.